Full training of changer in Firafollower
8 October 2023 10617

Changer has several different modes

Follow changer like changer …

To use the changer feature in the Fira Follower program, we have shown it as an image

After entering the Fira Follower apk program You will face the above page

It is suggested that you let Fira Follower work on your account so that you can bypass the restrictions better

Above we said the restrictions, now the restriction means what the restrictions are from the side of Instagram and it limits your account

In continuation of FiraFollower Changer It helps you to collect points with multiple accounts at the same time

After entering, click the changer button

Clicking the changer button will show you all the accounts you have entered in the program

After pressing the changer, you will enter this section, where we will explain all the items below

1: All the accounts that you have entered into the Firafollower program

You can select any account you want to collect points by clicking on the accounts

2 : This option is for help to help you know more about this part

Paying attention to the language guides you to set the language of the Firafollower program

Download the latest version of Firafollower

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3: To start the changer, by pressing this option, you can start the operation of the Firefallor changer

4 : This is the settings button that you can adjust to your taste

We will explain number 4 further

We explain the settings section from above

Firafollower allows you to decide how many seconds to wait between each follow, like and…

And in the next man, it gives the possibility to follow how many likes and comments each account has, it is recommended to choose a smaller number of followers.

At the end is the notification that is displayed on the top of the phone screen, which we talked about at the end of this article

Let’s go back to continue working with Changer

1 : Above you can see the number of points you have collected and next to it there is an option that is fully explained in another article, you can see it here

2 : We explained above, the only change is that you can disable the FiraFollower changer operation here

Below is a picture of the notification screen

The picture above needs no explanation. Good luck