General FAQs

Everything that you need to know about the product and how it works. If you need help, Contact us.

What can be ordered with this program?

Follower, like, favorite comment, visit, story, like story and…

Can I get Instagram followers without coins?

Yes, of course, you can buy Instagram followers directly on this app.

Are followers real?

All the Instagram followers or likes you get through our products are from real accounts. Only genuine Instagram users can access the system to earn coins and publish tasks to get free Instagram followers. Just rest assured.

How long can I get Instagram followers after publishing the task?

Generally you’ll see the increase in 24 hours. The specific time of completing one task depends on the task size. Bigger plan, more time.

And the delivery may take several days or more for the organic delivery. You can check the progress in Task List. If no changes occurred beyond 24 hours, you can contact us . We’ll help follow it up.

Do I need to provide my password?

Not needed. We do not ask your password, and we only need your username to distinguish which account should be sent followers.

Note: When you want to earn more free coins, you need to log into one of your Instagram accounts with your password. Your information will be completely encrypted and secured. Just rest assured.

Solution to the message “Failed to add/verify the Instagram account. Please try again.”

It could be caused by an Instagram server exception or some other unknown error. You can switch to another network (e.g. you are now using wifi and change it to cellular data using your phone or VPN) and try again to see if it works. Please remember to log out of the app first and then log back in.

If it still doesn’t work, please contact us via in-app feedback. We will need your logs to check further.

What is the Energy of each Instagram account?

Energy will be consumed for doing tasks and it will be restored automatically. The time will show you how long you should wait for until it restores. Don’t worry, during this period, you can switch to another account and do tasks to earn coins continously.

What is coin on the app?

You can regard coin as the virtual currency, which can be used to buy Instagram followers. Three main ways are below to make you get more coins.

1. Download and login this Instagram followers app, then you’ll be rewarded free coins immediately.

2. Follow Instagram users and like Instagram posts to earn free coins.

3. Share with your friends and invite them to download this app to earn coins.

Is Firafollower safe?

Of course YES. Designed by a professional team, Firafollower is one of the safest instagram followers apps to help you get free Instagram followers. We guarantee 100% safe and clean.

Note: If you see any prompts, please feel free to continue downloading and installing Firafollower . Firafollower  is 100% safe and clean. Your phone may show you a warning message when you try to download it from our website. There is no risk to your device and no damage to any of your data. Please click “Settings” to enable installation from other sources on the device.

Where can I download Followergir?

You can download by click here.

Where can I download Fira like?

You can download by click here.

How it works?

It is a Instagram followers free app gathering many real Instagram users who follow and like each other. People can get coins through doing tasks, and then use coins to get free Instagram followers.

Where can I download Firafollower?

You can download by click here.