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3 October 2023 31207

First, enter the Firafollower program with your account

In previous articles, we explained how to enter the program. If you haven’t seen it, you can see it from the button below

After entering the menus, go to the end and click on the website button

After entering the site, you can download the latest version if your program version is not the latest version

Note that if you have not installed the latest version, the gift code will not work for you

Scroll down to see the gift code section on the site

Click the show code button

When you click on the button, you enter a new page where the code is displayed

We have set a download button for your convenience, you can copy the code by pressing the button

To use the gift code, you must first enter the Firafollower program

After logging in, go to the home section and find the gift code button

⭐The gift code button is displayed with an asterisk

After clicking on the gift code button, you will enter a new page in the Firafollower program

On this page, you are told to enter your code. You enter the code

At the bottom of the same section, click the send gift code button

Note that the gift code is sent every day on the Firafollower Telegram channel

After sending the code, you will encounter an error that tells you how many people you must follow in the Firafollower program in order to use the code.

Well, here we go back to the coin part

And we collect points in the get coins section

Now this code that I entered for testing tells me that I must follow 30 people

So I start the following operation

You can use single follow or auto follow or best of all follow changer, there are tutorials for all of these on the Fira Follower website.

After returning to the “get coins” section and collecting coins, we return to the same “gift code” section

And in the gift code section, enter your code and press the send button

Now you can see that the points have been registered for your account

See the next tutorials of Fira Follower to use the Fira Follower program without any problems

All items are simply explained

Download the latest version of Firafollower

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To download the latest version of Firafollower, be sure to download it from the official website

Download the latest version of the program with many features. Download from the button below