28 September 2023 331

The video shows how to work with Fira Follower and how to use it

All the things that are necessary are specified and textual explanations are placed below

To enter, you must accept the privacy terms and after that you will enter the first page of the program

On the first page, according to the video, you press the login button and after that you choose whether you want to log in with the new login or the old login.

(Our suggestion is a new login )

BB After that, you need to enter your username and password of your Instagram account

Note that your account should not be restricted or blocked by Instagram

After entering, you enter the first page of the program or home

At home, you will see your account information and options for your convenience, which we will explain in the next articles


You will enter the coin section

In the “get coins” section, there are three options at the top, which are follower, like, and comment

We tested the follower part in the video and showed you that the rest of the parts are similar


If you follow, you will receive a coin

Next to follow, you will see the autofollow button, which is automatic and you don’t need to click on the button to follow

At the bottom you will see the changer, which has a bigger button than the others

We will definitely make an explanation and article about Changer so that you can get to know it


You have to increase your points and finally, when your points increase, you can turn it into a follower

You can order the rest of the items with your coins, but we only told you the follower