18 December 2023 304

The article you are about to read could discuss the importance of inviting friends and referrals in attracting users to Firafollowers.

Sure, a referral or inviting friends refers to sending invitations or links to friends or other individuals to join or use a specific service or website in the digital realm. When someone uses a referral link or code and joins the intended service or website, typically both the sender of the invitation and the recipient receive benefits, such as discounts, points, or other rewards. It’s a way for existing users to encourage others to join a platform while both parties gain some form of benefit from the interaction.

In FiraFollower , inviting friends usually works through a specific system. When a user sends an invitation or a referral link to a friend, and that friend joins the app using the shared link or code, the friend’s information gets logged into the system.Usually, both parties, the sender and the invited friend, receive benefits such as discounts, points, or special features. These systems aim to attract new users, increase interactions, and foster loyalty to the app or service.

In the following, we will explain about referral, how it works and what are its benefits

After entering the Firafollower program, wait for your account to be prepared based on Instagram algorithms

After your account is ready, enter the home section

After the home section, you can find the referral button and touch it to enter the referral section

After entering the Firafollower referral page, you will see that the Fira referral page is different from all third-party programs. We explain all the items below.

After logging in, you will be faced with the above page. You will receive the number of points or percentage of points written above, after that you will see your own code, which you can send to your friends.

Confirm yourself as your inviter and you will receive points and they will also receive points

Below you can share your code to WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram and…

Click the last button to enter the second referral page

On this page, you can enter the code of your other friends in the upper box, and at the end, an explanation of your code is written

For example, how many points did you receive or how many people did you invite?

Below, it shows which half of the users typed your code

We have explained all the cases, if there is a case that I did not mention, it is written in the third part of the referral, which is the frequently asked questions

These unique codes allow users to invite their friends to Firafollower. Every user who uses this code and enters Firafollower will receive benefits such as discounts or points.