13 December 2023 253

Fira Follower gives you features in the My Orders section that you don’t see in other programs

To see the orders you registered, follow the image below

After entering the Firafollower program, click on the My Orders button as shown in the image above

After entering this section, it will display all the orders that you have ordered in the Firafollower program with your account

The Firafollower program gives you more features than third-party programs, which we will show you below

After entering the orders section

If you have placed an order, it will display your order. If you have not placed an order, you will see the above page

You can place a new order by pressing the order button

Above you can see the filter symbol, which you can press to get all your orders categorized according to what you want.

In the picture above, we have shown what it will show you after pressing the filter button

Firafollower gives you these facilities in the My Orders section

1 : order type

It allows you to show which of your orders

You can only select follower orders for example and it will only display follower orders

We have shown above that you can find all the orders separately

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2 : Order status

In the order status section, Firafollower gives you the facilities to know which of your orders are in progress or which have been stopped and…

According to the picture above, there are currently 7 items that you can choose for the status of your Firafollower orders

3 : You can check your username from here and only the orders of the same username will be displayed

In its next updates, Fira Follower will improve and complete all parts, especially my orders